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Have a Good Working Relationship with Your Boss

  Just keeping your head down, staying out of the way and getting your job done is not a relationship. It’s true that you want to complete your job duties, but it is equally important to be seen, especially if you are interested in taking on additional job responsibilities or... See more

Making Transitional Job Work for You

  Everyone has their own desire to do those jobs which suits them the best. Most importantly those jobs are not that easy to find. People who are out of jobs may want to wait for a better job but it would be better for you if you keep yourself busy during that off time. When you go for an... See more

Essential Workplace Skills

  As soon-to-be graduates hit the job market, they need to show employers they have what it takes to succeed. Outlined below are six essential skills and tips on how to demonstrate them to employers.   Communication A work memo is not a text message. Employers want workers who... See more

Make Yourself Different

In this rugged and competitive job market in, it requires much more than making up an amazing resume and cover letter. Undoubtedly, a well-organized resume pays off and getting a phone call for an interview is the first step of your winning chance. But the matter is that, you are not the only... See more

Interview Question: Tell me About Yourself

This is not even a question. But the job-seekers know that this is the most common but uncommon, simple but dire, universal question regardless the entire job types and positions. This question will impair you free from all your memorized questions and answers. And your answer will give both... See more

Importance of Social Media Profiles to Get Hired

Having social media profiles is compactly pertinent to our present life and has become the key legislator of job scheme today. So, keeping your profiles ‘interview ready’ is important as well as other interview outfits like resume, cover letter or scripts for possible interview... See more

Professional Email Etiquette

In today’s business world, Email is the most common and widely used form of business communication. It’s really important to make sure that the Email is written on the right way. It doesn’t matter you are writing an email to an employer a thanking letter, a cover letter or any... See more