Improve Your Resume


Finding a job is rarely easy, but for the millions of people who are currently unemployed, it seems nearly impossible. Saving money is a luxury to many who can no longer afford because they can hardly keep up with their day-to-day expenses.

Are you beginning to think your job hunting efforts are turning hopeless? Does submitting your resume online feel like sending it into a black hole? When your livelihood is on the line, it might be tempting to resort to questionable strategies to gain superiority over the competition. Maybe you're considering enhancing your resume to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

You should know that lying to get a job is just about guaranteed to fail. Whether it's your experience, education or abilities, stretching the truth are always a bad idea. It is possible, however, to make your resume stand out as an applicant and without having to lie. It’s all about how you present the information.

Stop Making Career Objective Statement

Employers already know that your objective is to get a job, so it is quite obvious. No need to mention what kind job you are looking for. You could come up with career summary statement by mentioning what specialty you have which distinct you from other candidate. You should bear in mind that every statement in your resume should be meaningful.

Use a consistent font

Many career sites recommend Sans Serif, but if you are not a fan, make sure the font you use is pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and available on most computers. Just keep it clean and simple and use the same font style throughout your resume. The font size should be consistent, with the exception of the resume title; the font size of the body text should ideally be between 10 and 12.

Think Point to Point

Don’t go too details of your work. If you have paragraphs outlining your achievements, try summarizing in bullets to give your resume a clean and crisp look. Try to provide adequate details through writing minimum of sentences. Make details point to point, which would make a good impression about you to the employer.

Put the Short Format on Bracket

First expand the short format then put the short format on Bracket. For example: Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This helps the applicant tracking system used by most companies pick up the keywords.

Check your Hyperlink

If you are using hyperlinks directing recruiters then make sure the links work and go to the right page. When you put your hyperlink make sure by clicking that Hyperlink and see where it leads you to.

Decoration and Unnecessary symbols

Decoration is an important part of your resume but that decoration should be formal and rational. Put necessary lines, symbols and fonts to make a standard resume. Over decoration and unnecessary symbols makes it a joke to the employer. Your employer has no thoughts or ideas about what kind of person are you? He/she only had your resume to understand you, so you better make it count.

Get rid of your high school achievements

Unless you are a fresh graduate with no experience, get rid of your achievements from schoo. They're in no way related to the job for which you're applying. It is also a good idea to arrange your education details after your work experience. Achievements from school will only make your resume large.

Clearly divide sections

Make them stand out, so the recruiter can see the flow and understand when she's looking at a different section. Use bold fonts or a divider or underline each section head, depending on the way you want to present your resume. It will help the employer to find what you want during storm revise.


Without any doubt spell checking is the most important part. DO NOT MAKE ANY SPELLING MISTAKE. It’s going to make bad impression about you to your employer.  Find any spelling or grammatical errors. Take a small nap, refresh your eyes and check your resume.

Preserve the format

Generally resumes are in MS Word format but there are many recruiters who might ask you to send resume in PDF format. Do not get stunned because now a days some recruiter wants resume in PDF format and which is obvious. When you make your resume in PDF format there are less possibilities to modify it by anyone without your consent. You should be aware about the fact that your recruiter can ask you to submit your resume at any format.

Time to Time Edit your Resume

There is nothing called “final” in this job market. You have to edit your resume time to time depending on the changing context. Job market is getting very competitive every successive each year and that is why you have to keep up the pace with it. There is nothing wrong in following a particular model and structure but while following, you need to create a masterpiece by your own. Do not make your resume lengthy by putting irrelevant information rather than making it organize and if your resume is already organized than try to tune it. Always try to add new experience or qualification to keep up the pace with the competitive job market.