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Resume Writing Tips

Entering into the competitive job market, Bangladeshi job seekers hardly find any resources which can guide them to a compact goal oriented careers. This documentation is to help the potential job seekers of Bangladeshi job market to prepare for their career endeavors. As a job seeker you will... See more

Interview Tips

  Job Interview means that you are selling your knowledge and expertise at the same time. Do your best to convince the interviewers that you are perfect for the job and try to stay calm and relaxed at the viva-voice. The interview may be for a short duration but during that time... See more

Improve Your Resume

  Finding a job is rarely easy, but for the millions of people who are currently unemployed, it seems nearly impossible. Saving money is a luxury to many who can no longer afford because they can hardly keep up with their day-to-day expenses. Are you beginning to think your job hunting... See more

Do not Put Lies on Your Resume

  It's puzzling why anyone would make up his or her job history, especially when people can easily check references. A simple Google search can quickly uncover lies most of the time. Reasons vary greatly, from an applicant with a criminal record who's afraid of his history would... See more

Five Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

  A good cover letter will motivate the employer to read your resume.  A poor cover letter, however, can cause you to be eliminated instantly from being considered for the position.  To ensure that your cover letter gets you great results, here are five mistakes to avoid: 1.... See more

Eight Common Mistakes at Your Workplace

  We are constantly busy at work and our schedule is always full of various activities. Sometimes, we can be forgetful and unaware of how we’re approaching our work and how we’re building relationships in the workplace. We make mistakes, sometimes over and over again, without... See more

Make Your Workplace Comfortable

  Let’s face it, whether we mainly hire freelance help or manage a large office staffs, we all have to work with people. Your company will run like a well-oiled machine if you learn to create positive relationships with your colleagues and co-workers. Here are seven tips that... See more

Build Good Reputation at Work

  Whether you’re starting a new role or eyeing up a promotion, having a good reputation in the work place is crucial for ensuring your continued success. Having a good reputation will often result in being offered more interesting and challenging work and will ensure you are... See more