Interview Tips


Job Interview means that you are selling your knowledge and expertise at the same time. Do your best to convince the interviewers that you are perfect for the job and try to stay calm and relaxed at the viva-voice. The interview may be for a short duration but during that time interviewers will try their best to judge you. So here are some tips you can use during your interview:

Make Proper Choice of Dress

dressing unproper way during interview means that you do not know how to prepare yourself for job interview, by unproper it means you wear something wich does not serve your purposes. Usually the best option is to wear a business suit, but this is not a rule. Try to be as formal as possible. Remember the first impression is the las impression.

Avoid too much "I"

Avoid saying too much "I". If you have habits like saying "you know" then avoiding it will be a wise decision.Take into account that most of jobs require a person who is able to work in a team, to cooperate and achieve the objectives; of course you can brag a little about your accomplishments.

Show up your Preparation

At the first place prepare yourself what you are going to come up with.  you need to take a while to analyze your skills, strengths, the company, what you want? what do you expect? and so on. You may find yourself in a comfortable situation during your interview.

Show Respect to the Interviewers

Let interviewers know that you have a decent personality and at the same time, you should remember that you can earn  respect by respecting others.

Prepare plans or goals for your career

It is important that you have ambitions for your desired career, interviewers like people who continuously improve and fight for their goals.

Be punctual

Always try to be on time at the viva-voice. Do not come late at your job interview. Reach the location night before  where the interview is going to take place, by doing so will know for sure, the address as well as how long will it take to reach their.

Do Not Lie

Lying is the thing that every interviewer hates most during interview. DO NOT LIE DURING YOUR JOB INTERVIEW. If you don’t know something than just say you don’t know, there is nothing shame on it.

Maintain eye contact with interviewer

During an interview, make sure to maintain your eye contacts with each interviewer; you are talking to human(s), so look politely at their eyes while you answer.

Make Conversation Point to Point

Interview is a two-way conversation, so be careful to not talk too much, listen carefully, think what you are going to say and answer the questions properly covering all the subjects it involved with.

 Ask about vacations, benefits and salary

It is important to know when you will have vacations, about the benefits and salary. do not arise the matter and  wait for the interviewer to talk about it.