Concept & Thought is the first Bangladeshi global job portal in the international job market. NRB Jobs Limited is a platform for creating a bridge between local and international job market. NRB Jobs Limited offer jobs for: NRB/PBO (non-resident Bangladeshi or people of Bangladeshi origin)  Professionals, Skilled Workers around the world, Bangladeshi job seekers, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers, internship for fresh graduates/students within Bangladesh and abroad.

Not only this, NRB Jobs also identifies the opportunities to formulate and implement effective policies for the economic development of Bangladesh. Besides offering all types of jobs beyond political boundaries, NRB jobs Limited is creating a great opportunity for fresh graduate (Bangladeshi and International) candidates to achieve their desired job. Hence, this is the only job portal where you will get the opportunity to apply for internship within Bangladesh and abroad.

On the other hand, those who are not sure of how competitive the job market is in Bangladesh and abroad, have its own “Article Archive” where you can find the latest tips/advice to re-organize your career. In this unique job portal, jobs are regularly posted to our website by NRB-PBO employers around the world, Bangladeshi Employers, Employers from various Multinational Companies, Government Organizations.

For employers, NRB Jobs Limited provides the best packages and these customize packages are always available for employers according to their demand. Our large quantity of various resume databases is an example that NRB Jobs is dealing with all types of jobs around the world.

Relating yourself with NRB Jobs Limited will let you access and understand the international job market. This is a unique job portal with unique features; it can offer those that no one can. Take a quick look at our features:

NRB/PBO Professional Jobs

NRB and PBO professionals can create and submit their Resume/CV and will be able to hit on their desirable job that matches with their qualification(s) from renowned local and international company/organization in their country or globally within their local community. This section is for NRB/PBO professionals (Non Resident Bangladeshi or People of Bangladeshi Origin) around the world who do not reside in Bangladesh but want their desired job within their local community or in any other country except Bangladesh.

Worldwide Jobs from NRB'S/Foreign Employers

In this customized search panel, anyone can search their desired job which posted by NRB-PBO employers worldwide. Here, jobs are offered to NRB-PBO: professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers by NRB-PBO employers around the world. From our customized and advanced job searching panel, applicants' can find their suitable jobs according to their demand in the country they live or any popular cities within their local community. 

The customized search panel will help you narrow down your desired location to find jobs. This section is very useful for those applicants who want their job to a specific location.

Skilled Workers Jobs

Skilled workers around the world including Bangladesh are creating and submitting their Resume/CV to find their desirable job that matches their skilled fields from renowned local and international employers within their country or globally in their local community. It is notable that, all the jobs in this category must require certification, licensing and experience.

Local Jobs

This section is for only Bangladeshi job seekers and employers. Here, the employers can post their jobs within Bangladesh and at the same time job seekers can search their desired jobs in any location within Bangladesh. 

Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Jobs

This is a global job hunting portal for semi-skilled and unskilled workers. By submitting bio data, anyone can find his/her desired jobs in both local and global communities. Local and International employers can search applicants' bio data from our database for hiring workers according to their needs. Jobs in this category may not require licensing, certification, but some of the jobs may require some sort of experience(s).

Employers can search their desired employees from any district, upazilla, union and village of Bangladesh.

Intern and Fresh Graduate Jobs

This is the first global job portal which immensely focuses on internship programs in Bangladesh and abroad. Students and those who are looking for internship opportunities within Bangladesh and abroad, can submit their CVs/Resumes to this section of NRB Jobs. These CVs/Resumes will be placed to the employers around the world upon the applicants' demand. On the other hand, employers around the world can hire interns from this section according to their requirements.

At the same time Fresh Graduates from different universities all over the world can post their CV/Resume for employers hiring. Every year lots of renowned and reputed national and International organizations are hiring interns from different fields of study. Inters can submit their resume and find their suitable internship offers according to their subjects. This is a great opportunity for fresh graduates who are looking for a proper beginning of their career.

Employer Section

This section is totally for employers. Employers can post jobs on and advertise their job(s) with us. NRB jobs Limited is the most efficient and economical way to hire employees online. Employers can also ask for resume access from NRB jobs. It may be noted that resumes, provided with filtering and short listing options, will be uploaded only.

Registered employers will get access to our resume bank (condition applicable) in order to search through all of the resumes posted on Employers around the world including Bangladesh can search and hire employees for their organization. NRB is the only website in the world which offer all types of jobs for job seekers and at the same time provides proper facilities to hire employees beyond the political boundaries. Take a look at our best offers here or foreign employers click here

Only NRB Jobs can offer such varieties of option which no other job portal can.

Government Jobs for Local People

The most well-known advantage of the government job is job security. Here, offers a lot to the job seeker who is looking to work at a federal, provincial, or municipal level. We have all sorts of government jobs which you will find very useful.

Specialized Government Jobs for NRB/PBO

Bangladesh government can directly hire any NRB (Non Resident Bangladeshi) & PBO (People of Bangladeshi Origins) professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled personnel according to their job requirements. Here, in this section the Government of Bangladesh or any organs of Bangladesh government can ask for employees (through NRB Jobs) among NRB (Non Resident Bangladeshi) & PBO (People of Bangladeshi Origin) from any corner of the world except Bangladesh.

Newspaper Jobs

The newspapers are still a powerful source of information. Many people start the day with coffee and newspapers. They browse the news from the world or neighborhood. Many people look quickly at the job opportunities advertised on the relevant pages. is the place where you can find all newspaper jobs at same place. No need to browse all the newspaper to find your desired jobs. 

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As NRB Jobs Head Hunters, we provide value to jobseekers in the recruitment process with an in-depth understanding of their needs. Our dynamic team of qualified and experienced professionals ensures quality, confidentiality and loyalty.

Training, Workshop and Conference

NRB Jobs Training team will conduct different types of training round the year. Updates and current details of any kind of seminars, workshops, workshop registrations, online published journals, and events etc. information are available at NRB Jobs Training and Workshop section. All the information and updates of training is available here.