Making Transitional Job Work for You


Everyone has their own desire to do those jobs which suits them the best. Most importantly those jobs are not that easy to find. People who are out of jobs may want to wait for a better job but it would be better for you if you keep yourself busy during that off time. When you go for an interview your recruiter might ask you “what have you been doing during your off-time?” You answer may be “nothing”. It’s better to say something than nothing. Your transitional jobs are not going to hurt your resume. Just show them you are a “go-getter”, you are working hard to pay your bills.

It would be wrong if you are thinking that your transitional job is not going to add any value in your resume. There are many other benefits to taking a transitional job -- it's all about making the most of your opportunities and spinning the job the right way. Here are some tips on making a transitional job work for you.


Do not let gaps rise in your Resume

Do not let your recruiter see the gap in resume; try to fill it up with your transitional job experiences. Let your recruiter know that you are always doing something which makes them confident of recruiting you. Make your resume stronger by putting up transitional job experiences. It will help you to minimize large gaps between your jobs.


Volunteer Work

Try to do volunteer work; it’s going to cost you money and time but it would be very effective for your resume. Recruiter wants to know that you did some sort of work during your gap time. Your voluntary work related to your goals will be an added advantage.


Build network with your desired Organizations

We cannot predict our future, can we? Build network with organizations you desire for, try to involve with them; do voluntarily work even if it’s unpaid. Remember, working as waiter in a restaurant is not making you waiter forever. Join in various events, volunteer works, seminars, online communities with the organization you have desired in order to build a good formal relationship.


Remember this transition is temporary

You will find another job. Your working life will resume. Until then, hold still. Listen to yourself. Once you settle into the new lifestyle of having no schedule, or only a schedule you create, the feelings transform from fear and confusion to calm and delight. After following the tips above, you may even realize that this gift of time may be all too momentary after all.